Industrial Design

Integrated Design of vehicles, considering the technological and economic limitations.

  • Concepr-design
  • Exterior design
    of vehicles
  • Interior design
    of vehicles
  • Design of driver’s seat
  • Design of panels
    and controls of vehicles
  • Interfacedesign
  • Design of specialized
  • Production of large-scale
  • Production of full-length
    functional prototypes
    (concept car)

Advantages of working with Atom

By ordering Atom design, you get a solution at all stages of development worked with experienced engineers, technicians and producers, filling it with a functional sense and worrying about the next steps of your project, making the engineering work and the future production of the product a little easier and more convenient.

Atom is a full cycle engineering company, which has all the necessary set of competencies for the successful establishment of the transport vehicle.

Atom will be your reliable partner throughout the project — from the birth of great ideato vehicle’s serial production and its entry into exploitation, and even more if you wish.