EN15-0040Sky lounge Russia-China long-range wide-body aircraft interior design

The Creators of the 'Batman Tram' Present the Interior of the Aircraft of the Future

OKB Atom, the Russian Experimental Design Bureau, known for the futuristic design of the R1 tram nicknamed iPhone on Rails, presents the interior design of the future Russian-Chinese airliner for the first time. Russian UAC jointly with the Chinese Comac are developing this wide-body long-haul aircraft intending to compete with the two world largest aircraft manufacturers, European Airbus and American Boeing.

In 2015, OKB Atom successfully passed through several stages of the tender process, which resulted in including the Russian company in the vendor list of industrial interior design for the newest aircraft.

This is an unprecedented case for the Russian aviation design market. "So far, the interior design of Russian civil aircraft has been ordered abroad, most often in Italy and Great Britain, the two world centers of aeronautic design. Despite the fact that Russia has all the necessary competencies and productive capacity to establish import substitution in the field of aeronautic design. For the first time, a Russian company has the chance to assert itself in this area", said Maksim Kuzin, Director General and Chief Engineer of OKB Atom.

What is unique about the airplane's newest interior? The engineers of OKB Atom have improved and applied the diagonal seating for business class passengers, which not only improves the comfort of the passengers, but also provides a greater cabin capacity. Instead of 48 seats in typical configuration, the engineers of OKB Atom were able to accommodate 4 more passenger seats in the business class. "The economic effect of such a solution will be more than 8% of the ticket sales revenue." During the 35 years of operation of the aircraft, the additional profit will be a great amount," says Maxim Kuzin.

The unfolded passenger seat is 2.5 meters long, while the traditional business class has 1.8 meters. The distance between the folded seats is increased to 180 cm, instead of the usual 150 cm; the space for feet is expanded, making it even more comfortable. This design can be applied to the entire line of civil aircraft.

The experimental design bureau Atom has developed a unique design. The head designer of the project is Alexei Maslov, and its leading designers are G. Reshetnikov and A. Kuzhilny. The design is based on three basic principles that were earlier implemented in the design of the R1 tramway.

The first principle is VEHITECT (Vehicle + Architect – means of transportation and architecture) - the junction of transport design and architecture with skylounge elements. The designers of OKB Atom see a tram or an airplane not just as a vehicle, but rather as a technological, ergonomic and comfortable house, a place for rest during the “teleportation” from one point to another.

The second principle. "Nice doesn't mean expensive. The world of today has adopted the dogma: if you want a nice car, you have to pay a lot. We have another approach: any car, tram or aircraft should be nice, not implying expensive production. Even an economy cabin can have a calm, discreet style and be more convenient," says Alexei Maslov, Chief Designer of OKB Atom.

Finally, another original feature of the aircraft is the color scheme and the materials. Lightly colored plastic prevails in modern aircraft, but it makes passengers feel uncomfortable, like in a hospital or in a dental office. OKB Atom has implemented the scheme of coffee tints with veneer elements, as well as textile of calm shades. The interior walls of the cabin have a muffled cream tint. This combination gives you a sense of comfort, coziness and near-home warmth.

The aircraft will be operated by different airlines, so we offer several design options, each of them beautiful in its own way. For example, in the theater range entitled The Cherry Orchard, soft pillows are embroidered with quotes from the famous play. In the abstract art range, every seat pillow is a piece of art from a famous artist. Each passenger in the cabin can take advantage of the smoky glass partition with illumination and a built-in smartphone to manage a large monitor.

Each passenger seat has an individual pass, eliminating the need to worry it’s neighbor.

In the lowered state - it is the passenger’s place boundary. In the uppered state - tinted transparent partition between the adjacent places, which limits the abuse of personal space.

Like all elements of the “place” - the table in the folded state does not interfere and does not create any inconvenience. It’s removable to the end side fl ange.

Individual monitors arranged in a housing standing in front of the chair, in the folded position do not waste extra space, leaving more passenger’s area. Activates by turning.

Inlaided into the soft wall lamp light is activated by gentle pressing.

Company profile

The experimental design Bureau "Atom" is the first Russian company which managed to assert itself on a global scale and to obtain the prestigious award in the field of industrial design Red Dot. A young team offers innovative solutions in the field of design and engineering. "Atom" carries out the development and production of civil and special machinery.