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30 September 2015

reddot award 2015

OKB ATOM and Uralvagonzavod Corporation won the most prestigious award in the field of design "RedDot" in the category “Design Concept” for an innovative tram “R1”.

Red Dot Design Awards is the most prestigious European contest in consumer goods design. Over 4,000 different designers take part in it every year, including such giant companies as Apple, Mercedes, Audi, Bork.

Winning the competition is one of the serious achievements in design. The nomination is held in three categories - Product Design, Communication Design, Design Concept.

The award ceremony was held on September 25 in Singapore Red Dot Museum. The event gathered about one hundred of most influential designers from around the world.

The chief designer of the project Alexey Maslov, designer Anton Kuzhilny and 3D-sculptor Gregory Reshetnikov attended the ceremony on behalf of the OKB ATOM. According to Alexei Maslov, this award once again confirms that Russia can create beautiful, modern, high-tech products and are becoming more and more significant player on the global market of industrial design and engineering.

Tram «R1» is the first Russian public transport, which received RedDot Award. Of 4 million annual applications for participation only 5% win this competition.

The «R1» was developed by OKB ATOM commissioned by Uralvagonzavod Corporation. The presentation of tram was held at the INNOPROM exhibition in 2014. The «R1» aroused admiration and received the highest ratings of the world's leading industrial designers, such as Marat Gunak (Mercedes), Chris Bengl (BMW), Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove (Apple, Sony).

Currently, the tram is preparing for serial production

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