Atom Experimental Design Bureau «OKB Atom» expands the boundaries of the Russian industrial design and offers innovative solutions in the field of engineering. Atom carries out developing and prototyping of military and civilian machinery of wide application.

Development of domestic industrial design is beyond belief outside the context of global trends. Therefore, the starting point of the work on each project of «Atom» bureau is an impartial analysis of global trends in political, economic and social fields. By caring about its reputation, «Atom» is guided by the highest standards of quality, as evidenced by positive evaluations by international experts in the field of industrial design, and ensures successful presence of products in the global market.

Specialists of OKB «Atom» always adhere to a high level of visual and technical solutions, and pay particular attention to the timing of execution of the tasks set. Being the most severe critics of their activities, specialists of «Atom» design bureau always adhere to the deadlines.

OKB «Atom» embodies traditional view of industrial design as a multifunctional phenomenon aimed at solving a wide range of issues. Entering the mass market introduces significant changes in aesthetic perception of reality, and, therefore, imposes additional responsibility on the developers. Therefore, in addition to innovative engineering solutions, specialists of OKB «Atom» take care of aesthetic education of the end user.

OKB «Atom» is guided by these principles at all stages of production, from idea generation and its conceptualization to design and building a prototype. Embodied in the final product, these principles allow specialists of OKB «Atom» shaping the future of Russian industrial design.